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RMS Olympic events

Posted Date: 02/20/2018

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With some imagination and competitive spirit, the physical education teachers at Royster Middle School are bringing the 2018 Olympics to the school gymnasium.

This week the sixth through eighth graders found themselves on 12 different Olympic teams from around the world and competing in a variety of events from skating to cross country skiing to curling and bobsled racing.

“We have had a lot of fun,” said PE teacher Teri Lund, who watched for penalties and videotaped, while teachers Rusty Emling started the races, and Joel Varndell monitored rule violations and timed the racers.

When it came to the racing, the students were all in – literally - because the team included the riders on the bobsled as well as the manpower to push it along the course and someone to steer it around the corners.

Keeping the luge and bobsled on “track” was important, because penalties were assessed for going outside the lines. When a teacher called penalty, the sled had to stop and drivers and riders had to do five jumping jacks before resuming the race. Losing physical contact with the sled or letting go of it before it was completely stopped also resulted in a penalty or disqualification.

The cross country skiing required a lot of leg strength, as the students skated on towels around the gym, with foam noodles as their ski poles. Participants in figure skating needed a degree of balance and gymnastics, and the luge rider needed trust.

“The girls really wanted to do the figure skating,” Lund said.

The students also participated in the biathlon, which in the Royster version featured a combination of skiing and the ability to knock a small ball off a cone from a distance.

Gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded in each event and attached to poster boards for every class period, so the competitors could track which teams were winning.


Story By: Connie Woodard


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